Green going greener with a Reclaimed Wood water Catchment System

In May of 2016 Colorado lawmakers passed a law that allowed for homeowners to reclaimed water that falls on their house with rainwater catchment barrels.  So for a couple of guys who own a reclaimed wood business this feels like amazing news.  Dan decided he would take advantage of the new law and build a rainwater catchment system for his house out of reclaimed wood that was practical, stylish and wife friendly.

I built a simple plywood box 20" x32" from scrap pieces of 3/4" plywood. I reinforced the corners with 2x2's from a shipping crate, then I attached small sheets of corrugated tin( recycled from a Niwot barn) . The catchment box was trimmed with 1x4 faded shiplap - reclaimed wood from Authentic Barnwood in Longmont .

A recycled 20 gallon Nalgene bottle was used in the box as a rainwater catchment reservoir, attached to the downspout via flexible downspout extension . I'll siphon from the reservoir to water nearby flower beds and small vegetable beds .

What do you think?!