Looking for Reclaimed Wood?!  We are here to help you pass along family tradition and legacy into your life!  But before that, who are we?  We are 2 friends who met in a Chiropractic office in 2010 and have been great friends ever since.  Jay is the Chiropractor and Dan is the Contractor.  Miscellaneous jobs here and there in Dr Jay's home and office led to a friendship that is much more family than friendly.  

In December 2016 Jay's maternal Grandmother died and about an hour after the funeral his cousin informed him that he was "hired" to take down his late paternal grandparents barn down.  You see what is happening in the Midwest is that GIANT farms are literally running "Mom and Pop" dairy farms (and all their barnwood) out of business.  Drive anywhere in northern Wisconsin and you are bound to see dilapidated red barns that are on their last legs.  This is what makes reclaimed wood look great but also why we need to bring this wood to Longmont Colorado. This is what Jay's cousin, Justin, started doing a year ago... taking the barnwood down - make reclaimed wood - and making the countryside safe again. 

The conversation with Justin after the funeral gave Jay the idea that Justin's work could be a way for the Midwest way of life to be an enhancement to life in Colorado where these barns and this MAGNIFICENT wood would be able to "re-create" a legacy.  A random call to Dan, who clearly has more experience in the home improvement field, was designed to test the waters.  Turns out Dan was also keen to start a project like this.  Six other serendipitous phone calls and chain of events took place and Authentic Barnwood was born.  Our first shipment of wood contained Jay's grandparents family barn!

We get 20 tons of wood shipped via open bed semi from Wisconsin to Boulder County Colorado on a monthly basis.  The wood varies from shipment to shipment but the wood is always stunning in authenticity and beauty.  We offer many different hardwoods, and styles but no matter what you get - we guarantee this: you WILL know the source and family that the wood came from with every board and the part of the barn it came from.  

This isn't just wood, this was a family's way of life.  This is their legacy.  And we trust YOU to continue and Re-create the legacy in your ideal.  Join our email list today for updates and for sales and new shipments.  We are here to help inspire you to create!